tea tree and lavender green foaming handsoap

All Natural Foaming Handsoap

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Our all natural foaming handsoaps are specially formulated so they won't dry out your hands.  The essential oils chosen are known for their antibacterial & antiviral qualities.  Some of these have pthalate free fragrance oils used for their amazing scent.  We hope you enjoy these amazing soaps made without all the nasty chemicals.

There are also refills available for these soaps.

Choose your desired scent from the drop down menu.

Fresh PIcked Lilac - pthalate free fragrance oil

Lavender Bergamot - essential oils only

Luscious Lemon - essential oils only

Orange & Ylang Ylang - essential oils only

Rosemary Spearmint - essential oils only

Sandalwood Vanilla - pthalate free fragrance oil

Sea Salt & Orchid - pthalate free fragrance oil

Sharp Dressed Man - pthalate free fragrance oil

Tea Tree & Lavender - essential oils only