white sea salt & driftwood soy wax candle with black lid

Seasonal Soy Wax Candles

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These are our seasonal soy wax jar candles and they are made with 100% US Grown Soy.  Soy wax is much healthier than traditional paraffin wax because it burns more cleanly and is produced from a renewable resource - American Grown Soy Beans!  We also use top quality fragrance that produces a great scent throw in soy wax.  Our candles are made in high quality square country style mason jars that can be re-used once you're done burning the candle.  We use clean burning cotton wicks and some crackling wood wicks as well.

Choose your desired scent from the drop down menu.

These candles are seasonal and will not always be re-stocked.  Available while supplies last.

Cardamon & Cedar - a fresh mix of cardamom, eucalyptus, cinnamon, golden amber, cedarwood, and balsamic resin. Bottom notes of cashmere, patchouli, santal, and musk add more depth. (tan)

Christmas Spice - this fragrance reminds me of Christmas in the country.  It's a comforting mix of cinnamon sugar, mocha, thyme, nutmeg, and candied ginger. (forest green) (also available in wax melts & soap)

Cocoa Butter Cashmere - This fragrance will be your new favorite in no time. It has notes of light spices, cedarwood, vanilla tonka, coconut, jasmine, olive wood, sandalwood, amber, musk, and cocoa butter (white). (also available in sea salt soaps)

Cracklin' Birch -A warm, inviting blend perfect for any fall or winter evening. Notes of fresh bergamot, citrus zest and a delicate floral accord, over a woodsy base of vetiver, tonka, and patchouli(white)

Cranberry Woods - warm, inviting blend perfect for any fall or winter evening., this fragrance oil combines the tartness of cranberries and currants with pleasing herbaceous accords.  Also infused with natural essential oils, including Fir, Cinnamon, Patchouli, and Orange.  This is one of our most popular candles.  (also available in soap while supplies last)

Fireside - this fragrance captures the true essence of sitting by a cozy fire on a cold winter night. Familiar and distinctive, this scent melds notes of smoke and wood into a warm union of clove, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli.  My personal favorite!! 

Sea Salt & Driftwood - Clean ocean air brushes past salted driftwood and rests upon warm amber sand dunes. 

Strudel & Spice - Warm and inviting, this fragrance reminds me of the smells coming from the bustling kitchen around the holidays. It has notes of cinnamon and ginger mixed with sugared apples, raisins, and almonds. This scent is finished with base notes of baking pie crust, vanilla, and spices as a delicious final flourish.  Also infused with essential oils, including cinnamon leaf, clove bud, clove leaf, and eucalyptus.  Also available in melts.  

*This wax will release a softer scent as it does not contain paraffin. Please note that scent throw may vary.  Colored wax may develop 'frosting'. This is simply a characteristic of soy wax.